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Life is full of desires.
Some seem far far away.
But is God keeping some things away from us for a reason?
So that we look away from what we want, and wonder at the things we do have?
God is graceful to us and gives us big treasures that we do not see,
Usually because we are focused on the wrong things.
Focus on the right things.
Focus on God.

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El Salario Mínimo en México

La Confederación de Trabajadores de México (CTM) solicita un aumento de 19% en el salario mínimo. En el Tratado de Libre Comercio, la discusión del salario mínimo Mexicano ha continuado gracias a acusaciones que dicen que México ha mantenido su salario mínimo bajo para atraer a la industria.  Actualmente, el salario mínimo diario mexicano (el cual equivale a $80.04 MXN) es menor que el salario mínimo por hora estadunidense.
El artículo 123 de la Constitución Mexicana afirma que “Los salarios mínimos generales deberían ser suficientes para satisfacer las necesidades normales de un jefe de familia, en el orden material, social y cultural, y para proveer a la educación obligatoria de los hijos.” De modo que Coparmex propone un salario mínimo de aproximadamente $93 pesos MXN. El Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de la Política de Desarrollo Social (Coneval), el  cual mide la pobreza del país, atribuye esta cantidad a una canasta básica alimentaria y de servicios.

Si $80 MXN  no son suficientes…

Aquí Pensando Otra Vez

Todo lo que Dios nos da, ¿lo usamos para su gloria? 
 Piensa en algo que Dios te ha dado. Puede ser un talento o puede ser algo material. Incluso el tiempo es un regalo de parte de Dios.  En mi caso, pienso en mi gusto por la lectura. Disfruto en gran manera leer clásicos, ficción, biografías- simplemente me encanta. Y he pensado, ¿Y porqué no leo la Biblia tan seguido como leo Las Crónicas de Narnia  o El Hobbit, si Dios fue el que me dio el gusto por la lectura?
1 Corintios 10:31 dice "Si, pues, coméis o bebéis, o hacéis otra cosa, hacedlo todo para la gloria de Dios."
Colosenses 3:23 "Y todo lo que hagáis, hacedlo de corazón, como para el Señor y no para los hombres"
No estoy diciendo que no leas otra cosa mas que la Biblia, pero el gusto por la lectura es un regalo.  Disfrútalo, claro, pero úsalo para la gloria del que te lo dio. Y digo lo mismo para cualquier cosa que tengas, cualquier cosa en la que eres bueno, y cualquier cosa que te guste hacer. 

Book Report

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea.

Montgomery’s characters make Anne of Avonlea a book to remember. The main character, Anne, is a spirited young lady of sixteen, starting to dive into adult life. Her vivid imagination, ideals, and temper, make this character come to life. As she starts teaching school, her strong will is shown in how she clings to her ideals in the classroom and in the Improvement Society she establishes with her friends. Both are repelled by the people in Avonlea, but she pushes forward. In chapter 4, even her friends question her methods of conducting a class, but she starts the school year standing firmly on her convictions. Another character Marilla, who adopted Anne, is convinced to adopt a pair of twins, one of whom, Davy, is curious without end. Montgomery successfully portrayed the simple, yet fun mind of a seven year old. His witty remarks sparkled throughout the book give a lively tone to the story. The reactions of every character and their unique pers…

Current Event (rather late...)

Current Event 6

    From <>
       The U.S.A. reacted to the Syrian chemical weapons attacks upon civilians.  As a warning, fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles hit a Syrian airbase at 8:45 Eastern times (3:45 a.m. Friday in Syria).  This attack was the first direct assault on the Damascus Government since 2011.  President Donald Trump stated that this base was the staging point for the chemical weapons attack that killed seventy-two people.  Trump never had the intention of intervening into the Syrian civil war, yet photos of deceased children, killed in the attack, seemed to have changed his mind
“It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons," President Donald Trump said in a statement. "Tonight I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and b…

Why Education?

For all the young people out there,

Wrestling with math? Bored with History? Succumbing under Grammar?
I Understand.

I've been there.

And  I had this question: How will Geometry/ Calculus help me as an adult? What if I never became an engineer or a scientist?

You might think I'm crazy but, here's the thing: Algebra is teaching us more than a(b+c) = ab +ac. Really.

Math is  teaching us to think. My guess is that most of us will probably never use all of those complicated equations... But with Geometry, we are learning to think deductively. We can train our mind to learn. To fix our attention. Learn what we need for life.
Learn from the circumstances and from the people around us.

This brings me to "boring" history. I personally love history, it is my favorite subject. But it is more than "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue". We are looking at men's and women's lives. Their successes and mistakes. We can learn from those mistakes, and not mak…